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To make sure you are part of the 20% who actually sell their business, you need the right structure and the right tools, and those come from working with SBC and TopBuilder.


Strategic Partnership


Most businesses rely too heavily on their owner for revenue and relationships, which is usually the primary limiting factor when it comes time to sell the business.  80% of small and medium sized businesses fail to be sold and are simply closed.  In many of those cases, the businesses produced meaningful revenue but could not operate without the owner's full time involvement.

Why is the partnership between TopBuilder and SBC important to my construction company?

What makes TopBuilder different?

It's common for sales and marketing to communicate with one another and for operations and accounting to communicate with one another. Rarely are all four of these departments truly connected. That disconnect causes confusion, which can be really expensive. Switching to TopBuilder delivers unprecedented visibility into your business with less software.


Triangle of Success

Sales & Marketing

If you want all of these departments to be well integrated, you need the right strategy and you need the right software. This is where the partnership between SBC and TopBuilder comes into play. TopBuilder is construction specific software which manages your marketing, sales, and preconstruction efforts all in one place. What's more, their software already interacts with many of the well established operational and accounting software options like ProCore and Sage. We all know the triangle is the strongest shape. It's time to add that strength to your construction company.

Traditional Software Setup

Most sales and marketing software is separate and not industry specific. TopBuilder built their software groundup to service the construction industry and to seamlessly integrate your sales and marketing efforts.

Ready to move forward?
Schedule a free meeting to help determine if this partnership is right for you! 

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